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these courses were funded by norad. soon after graduation i will open a repairing shop in my native village 5 years 500 students had graduated from the yep centre. this latest set of graduates is 15th batch to complete threemonth course. following graduation 80 of students were managing their own business. 9th november a 25yearold from naung bo village a graduation ceremony was conducted by the nrc education team at youth pack yep centre in hpaan township a total of 1 abdirahman access activity ad 2000 adult adults advance advocacy affected affraid afghan afghan aid afghan boys afghan children afghan girl afghan girls afghan refugee afghan youth afghanistan afghans africa africain african afrique agriculture aid aide airstrike ajloun alassane aldhalea aleppo alexander sheludenkov alharaman alharameen ali alp alp classes alt ambassadors sageland and norheim receiving gifts from kerman deputy governor general amel amman amran an idp woman explained in ad 2000 camp bhamo an innovative social enterprise of recent creation.idp women in htoi san idp camp bhamo ana povrzenic anbar and agriculture. civil documentation and hlp are a good fit because of their relation to these topics and i want to earn money for my family own business and legal assistant icla team supported four idp camps with citizenship scrutiny card cscs. the icla team in bhamo started with an assessment in namkham township idps camps and mansi idp camps. this first phase of the project provided an opportunity for exchange of experiences between the idps and nay win ni in july 2017. the idps in these camps had been waiting for two years to receive identity documentation. unhcr has been working to address this need since 2015 and referred the cases to the nrc in july 2017. the icla team in bhamo then followed up on these cases until october 2017. the idps received the cscs in november 2017 before nrc started its onestop services officially in kachin state. and property hlp rights for idp women in kachin and shan the project includes translation of content into the kachin and shan languages. maymay is an interactive application which provides information on reproductive health to more than 80 and the need for an interactive voice response ivr platform. this has allowed for reflection and determination of good practices for faster adjustment of mobile app content and expanded coverage for idp women. the nrc is working with koe koe tech to tailor the maymay app content to the specific needs of idps based on our experiences and learning so far. the koe koe technrc joint assessment has revealed that and the nrc and the nrc can tailor the content on civil documents and property rights to the broader issues that affect idps and protection of those rights. we would like to learn how to get microcredit to buy smartphones and vocational skills. dressmaking is my hobby animals anneli lyster anniversary anonymous aogs appeal aqeela asifi arab rajab area argelia armed coflict armed conflict armed conflict nfi kits armed conflict. armedc conflict army arredoju art art show artistgalla arts and crafts artsitgalla aspaker asphalt drawing assessment assistance assosa assosa ethiopia assosa. at athorities ato audience aunt awarding ceremony awareness awd aweil aydora aydora village azaz azraq azraq refugee camp azraqedu1 azraqeducation9 baby baby kits back to school backpack badwan bafia kerman director general baghdad bags baharka baidoa bake bakeries bakery bakhmut town balkh balloons baloons bandu bangui barber barbering barren barriers to legal residency basic basic needs bayan beautician bedouin beit bekaa bekaa valley belgrade believes belin beneficiaries beneficiary bethlehem betterstudy bicycle bidibidi bildt birth birth certificate birth certificates birth registration black and white blanket blankets blp nrc education center blue cards boat boko haram bokoharam bomb book booklets books booth border border crossing bordercrossing borehole borno borno state bowling boxes boy boy. nrc boys bracelets brcis breastfeed brende bricks briquettes brother brothers bucket buenaventura building building shelter buk buono burden burkina faso burnt houses burundi bus business business development business grant business grants business lost by børge cages camera cameroon camo. camp camp management camp shelter camp. shuwari camps canada capacitation car car coal car wheel chains caravan caravans cards carl carnot carpenter carpentry carsten cart case case manager case1 cash cash assistance cash cards cash for food cash for nfi cash for rent cash support cash transfer cash voucher catch up program catchup catherine osborn cauca ccb cccm training cd cdhc celebrating celebration celebrities cellar cement center centre ceremony certificate certificates cfw challenges challenges notwithstanding changement climatique charels forbes chaud chdc check points checkpoint chess chicken chicken incubator chickens chid child child friendly space child school childhood children children's day event children's rights children. syria chin chios chlorination cholera chopper christian christmas church cinema civil civil documentation civilians clas class class room classes classmates classroom classroom nansen refugee award claudio clay clean water climat climate change climatique close up closed shops clothes clouds coal coal delivery coal truck cold collective centre for idps colombia coloured colours in displacement communication communication unit communities community community center community centre community leader compensation computer conflict conflict affected population conflictaffected conflictaffected community conflictaffected people consortium construction construction materials contact line contactline contactline village cooking cooperative coordination core house corne de l'afrique counseling counselling country director course court cow crafts creart crise humanitaire crisis crops crossing crossing point crowd crying culnerable cylinder dabega dabega camp daccar daccarhirat dadaab daily damage damaged damaged factory damaged housing damascus dancing dangerous daquq dara'a dark darso dashtezahmatkeshan data data management daughter day care day care centre daycare dde dead animals dead civilians death debaga debaga camp december delaney delegates delivery department of justice dependent deportation desert destroyed destroyed house destroyed housing destroyed school destruction development dfid dfidvisibility dhildren diasbility dibaga dibb died. dignity dikwa dip director director of education diri dawa disability disabled disangayi discussion disease displaced displaced children displaced children. displaced community displaced people displaced person displaced women in kachin and northern shan are in need of accurate information and counselling on access to civil documents and land issues e.g. displacement displacement camps display distribution divorce djibouti doctor doctors document documentation documents dog dohuk dohuk2 doll dollo ado dolo dolo ado domiz donetsk region donkey donor dorr dorught dr congo drawing drawing competition drawings drc drc refugee sherkole camp assosa drc refugees in sherkole camp dress making dress making class dressmaker dressmaking drop in drough drought dry dsc9918 dsc9932 dugnad duhok développement early marriage earthquake eastern afghanistan eastern ukraine ebola ece echo echo visibility echovisibility ecologically friendly briquettes economic economic crisis ecuador eduaction education education center education in emergencies education palestine education. nrc eduction egeland egeland's eggs eie el nino eldelry people elderly elderly people emad emergence emergency emergency aid emergency response employee empowerment energy engineer english enjoy entertainment entertainment in sherkole camp entry environment equipment erbil erer erer woreda erigavo eritrea eritrean establishing shot ethiopia ethiopia. eu euronews europe eurpoe evening event evictions evoucher exam exams exercise exercise. exhausted exhibition exposed extension eyes face face painting facilitators faim falafel fallujah families familiy family family photo famine farm farmer farmers farming faryab father father child february feed feed production feet feets female female. females fence field field trip field visit filmaid finger print fingers fire firewood firewood distribution flag flee flood floods flowers. flyktninger focal point food food aid food aid. food assistance food crisis food distribution food for training food insecurity food processing food security food security and livelihood food shortage foodsecurity football foster home foundadition fraduation france friends friendship frontline frontline community fruit fsl fslerigavosanagsomaliland fuel furniture gambella game games garage garden gardening garowe gas gas heater gascard gaza georgieva ghasan ghor girl girls girls education global goat gossi government governmentcontrolled territory grade 4 graduates graduation grandmother greece greek green house greenhouse grey zone grey zone' gril grocery group group photo guapi guitar h.e. ambassador norheim of norway haakon hair dressing haiti hajja hajjah hamam alalil hamam ali hand hand press handcraft handover hands hanoun. hansen happy hareederigavosanagsomaliland hariso kebele harsh winter harvard hasansham hassansham hawa hawiga hawija headoffice headscarf health heap heart heat heat wave heater heather heating heavily damaged housing heba heidi johansen help helpdesk herat herat province hero herwig hijab hilewoyn hirat hirat province hirske hlp rights home homeless homos honduras hope horn of africa hospital hospitals host host community hostilities hosting families hot house house rehabilitation household household items houses housing houth hpaan human rights humanitarian humanitarian assistance humanitarian crisis humanitarian organisation humanitarian response hunger hurt hygiene icdl ice cream icla ict id idcard idk idp idp camp idp children idp sa'ada idp wash idp women across all the camps have embraced interactive information shared through mobile platforms and have shown a high level of interest in content related to economic empowerment idp's idp. idps ifo ifo 2 ifo 2 refugee camp ifo extension ifo refugee camp imbossossotane img impacts of war impaired in in iran olivier vandecasteele. ©pasha tabrizian in november 2017 indegenous indigenous indigenous kit infographics informal camp informal settlement informal tented settlement informal tented settlements information information dissemination information sheets infraestructure infrastructure inheritance injured injury innocent innovation insecurity insulated housing insulation materials intake internally displaced internally displaced persons internallydisplacedpeople international international children's day international youth day interview invitees iom ipa ipds iphoneddbmay12 irak iran iraq iraq mosul iraq refugee iraqi iraqi idps irbid irbod irid iris scan irrigation is isis islamic state island isolated isolated community isolation it items its iwd2018 jalalabad jalilabad jan jan egeland jaw i jaw ii jc07 jc23 jean de dieu jepsen jerash jerrican jerricans jerry can jigjiga jihad job jolie jordan jordan. syria jordanian journalist journalists juba jumprope june kabul kabul informal settlement kachin interviewed in july 2017 stated we just want peace and another said kachin on 24 july 2017. kakuma kalemie kalis kamera kandahar kandala kasai crisis kasai drc katanika kawargosk camp kawergosk kawergosk refugee camp kawragosk camp kayin kayin state. a total of 60 students graduated in the third batch for 2017 kayin state. later on keble kefalat office kenish kenya kerman kerman deputy governor general khazar khazar camp khazer khazir khost khost province kicken garden kid kids kids playing killed kindergarden kirkuk kismayo kismayu kit kitchanga kitchen kitchenware knitting knitting project kobe camp koe koe tech kos kot chandana kreminna krymske kule camp kunar kyaikto townships. the yep programme curriculum covers life skills labor labour lack of access lack of food ladder lady lahj lake chad lakechad land land and property rights land rights land tenure landlord landscape landslide language laptop latrine laughing launch lcd leader learn learning learning centre leb lebanese lebanon left legal legal aid centre legal assistance legal assistance legal counseling legal counselling legal residency legal status legal status. lesson lesvos libanon liberia library liechton camp lietchor camp life life skills life vests lifting crane lisu literacy livelihood livelihoods livelihoods assistance livelohood livestock living living condition llife local local authorities locals location logo losses love low temperatures luhansk oblast luhansk region luhanska luhanska oblast luhusha primary school. lumber lysychansk madrasas mafraq magnus mai ayni maiduguri maimana maintain maintenance maintenance tent material making makisa male mali malnourished malnutrition malnutrition yemen sana'a man mansour marco market marriage martha hagen mellum masisi masonry massage training material materials maternity house may mazar meal mechanic mechanical mechanics media media team media training medicine mediterranean meeting memories men mgl1862 mgl1941 mgl1947 mgl1975 mgl1981 mgl1994 mgl2008 mgl2015 mgl2024 mgl2033 mgl2045 mgl2048 mgl2084 mgl2091 mgl2095 mgl2097 mgl2199 mgl2215 mgl2231 mgl2245 mgl2256 mgl2313 mgl2326 mgl2364 mgl2375 mgl2379 mgl2388 mgl2404 mgl2410 mgl2427 mgl2447 mgl2453 mgl2493 mgl2506 mgl2519 mgl2534 mgl2542 mgl2554 mgl2559 mgl2584 mgl2607 mgl2613 mgl2614 mgl2620 mgl2629 mgl2645 mgl2652 mgl2681 mgl2684 mgl2689 mgl2761 mgl2788 mgl2796 mgl2803 mgl2817 mgl2829 mgl2834 mgl2860 mgl2885 mgl2897 mgl2924 mgl2935 mgl3016 mgl3021 mgl3035 mgl3050 mgl3077 mgl3111 mgl3118 mgl3131 mgl3147 mgl3154 mgl3175 mgl3191 mgl3201 mgl3205 mgl3207 mgl3213 mgl3231 mgl3237 mgl3244 mgl3251 mgl3264 mgl3296 mgl3318 mgl3334 mgl3370 mgl3396 mgl3414 mgl3422 mgl3423 mgl3445 mgl3449 mgl3475 mgl3493 mgl3500 mgl3503 mgl3516 mgl3547 mgl3550 mgl3556 mgl3562 michelle michelle delaney middle east migrant migration milani military militia mineral wool mines minkamman minusca mobile mobile life skills training mobile shelter mogadishu mohamed mohamed hassan mohammad mohammed mon state. this threemonth livein programme provides access to training for youth aged 1525 in kayin state money monusco mosul mosul iraq moter mother mother and child motor vehicle training motorbike mottakssenter mottakssenter4 mountain move mpati mr. shamseddini mr. zoka assadi mr. zoka assadi. from right to left h.e. ambassador sageland of sweden multichildren family multisectorial muratove music myanma myanmar mynamar myronivske village nangarhar nansen refugee award nansenprisen natalia riabenko national anthem natural disaster needs needs assessment needs assissment new arrival newborn nfi nfi distribution nfi kits nfi. vehicle nfis nfma ngo nigera nigeria night ninewa niqab nmfa no food noa'aymeh non formal nonfood items distribution nongovernment controlled territory nongovernmentcontrolled territory norcap nordic north north kivu north uganda northeastnigeria northern iraq northern kenya norway norwegian norwegian embassy norwegian refugee council notatarget november 4 novooleksandrivka novopskov raion novopskov village novotoshkivka novotoshkivske novozvanivka novozvanivka villlage nrc nrc 015 nrc car nrc country director nrc flag nrc jacket nrc jordan nrc logo nrc myanmar is going to use the burmese maymay httpkoekoetech.commaymay mobile application to increase access to information and counselling on legal identity and housing nrc staff nrc visbility nrc visibility nrc visibilty nrc1 nrc10 nrc11 nrc12 nrc16 nrc19 nrc2 nrc25 nrc26 nrc27 nrc28 nrc29 nrc3 nrc4 nrc5 nrc6 nrc7 nrc8 nrcddb12may nrcvisibility ns nuha nursing homes nutrition nutrition. oblast of office office appliances officer old lady old man old woman oleksandr golinevich oleksandr sheludenkov olivia on 29 november 2017 on road to western europe one of youth who graduated from as part batch 3. in december 2012 opening opening ceremony orange orikhove village orphanages oslo oslo konserthus out of school children outofschool oven overnmentcontrolled territory owner painting pakistan pakistani refugee pakistani refugees palesinte palestine palestine refugees palestinian panel panels parent parents participating particularly with focus on the general trends in language and literacy passport renewal pastoralist patric patric mansour pauvre pauvreté pave peace peace education pension payment pensioner pensioners pensions people affected by conflict people with disabilities people with special needs peredilske village permanent shelters petr kostohryz phan kar kone philippines phone photo exhibition photo nrc photo nrcjim huylebroek photographer christopher herwig photography picking pierre krähenbühl pigeon plant planting plants plastic play playing playing area plumber plumbing poc pointing poor poor economic situation popasna popasna district popasna raion popasna town portrait portraits post monitoring poverty presentation primary school primaryschool prime minister prince private donors problem problem solving problematic problème problématique program program director project property protection protection and advocacy public puppet puppetshow purification putty pv qansaxley qayyarah questions queue quote radio raghad rain rainy rakhine ramadi rates of data usage rates of keypad phone and smartphone ownership raydah rdc reading rebecca rebecca dibb rebuilt house reception reconstruction recreational recycle recycled recycling red ribbon red rose referrals refuee refuge refugee refugee camp refugee girls refugee youth refugees refugees nrc refugeestory region registration rehabilitation reitred renewable renewable energy renovation rent rented housing repair repairing repairs replenishment report representative of irbid governorate research resettlement residency residents resilience resiliency restitution. hence restoring retired retrunees return returnee returnees returns rhino camp ribizhne town rice rights ring risk road roald høvring robert roofing slate room royal rrm rrmp ruined house ruins rural ruslan morhumov ruslan morhunov saada saada boy sad said 19yearold zaw tun oo said phyo myat aung salaries saleh abad sam sam tarling sana sana'a sanaa sancharak sand storm sandstorm sanitation sarah sarepul save school school boy school boys school children school construction school enrollment school girls school items school opening school students school supplies school uniform school uniforms school yard school year schoolaged children schoolkits schools sdc sea sec secretary general see seesaw selfproclaimed state seminar sensitization serbia session sessions settlement severe winter severodonetsk sewerage system sewing sewing machine sg shade shades shahrokhabad shaidaee sharafabad shattered windows shawerma shchastia town shekhan shelling shelter shelter assistance shelters shereen dbouk sherkole shf shire shoes shop shopping shops shoulders shovel show show off shrapnel shuwari sibling siblings sick sickness sida sidiki sight signboard silhouette single single mothers sinjar sink sip sister sisters site siti zone sitti skarstein skills sky sled sleeping sleigh slick slum slums small business skills smart phone smil smile smiling snow social benefit social payments solar solar lamp solar panels solar water solar water panels solid fuel somali somali region somalia somalie somaliland somalis son south south sudan south sudanese refugee gamella south sudanese refugees southe sudan southern afghanistan southsudan speech speideraksjonen speiderne sport spring fundraising st. thomas staff staff nrc visibility stairs standing stanitsa luhanska stanytsia stanytsia luhanska stanytsia luhanska district stateless statelessness station stones storm stort story strawberry cultivation street student students study studying success story such sudan sudanese sudanese refugees summer summer time sunny support suregon sustainable sweets syr syria syria. turkey syrian syrian children syrian conflcit syrian conflict syrian refugee syrian refugees syrians syrianwishes syriske flyktninger system sécheresse tablegames tablets taekwondo tail tailor tailoring taiz taizz take tal afar taliban tanganyika tanzania tarling taybeh tazkera teaachers teach teacher teachers teaching team team spirit tebar technical technology temporada temporary tent tents test thailand that thaton township the information the nrc started its vocational and life skills education programme in myanmar hpaan township the programme name changed to yep centre. by beginning of 2017 the project team has interacted with idp women in kachin and shan to better understand the feasibility of rolling out maymay in each of the camps. the nrc and koe koe tech have consulted women in htoi san thermal three tiara timbiquí tires tiril tls to toilet tombouctou toms torkham border torunn blokkum toshkivka trainees trainer training training of trainers transgender transport transportation travel pass treatment tricycle triplets tripoli truck trucking trucks tshelter tumaco tumbs up turkey turma twic twin twins uganda uk aid ukaid ukaidvisibility ukarine ukraine un under age unemployed unemployment unfinished unhas unhcr unhcrvisibility unicef uniform unloading unloading vehicle unrecognized unrwa uploading vehicle urban urban project urban settlement urwa usa use usg o'brian vakaba valuiske valuiske village vcp vegetable vegetable garden vegetables vehicle vendor verification version victim viii viktorovka village village villagers violence vip visability visibility visiblity visit visits vitalii yefimenko vive la educación vivibility voacational training vocational vocational training vocational trainings volrep volunteer volunteering volunteers voucher vouchers vulnerable vyskryva village wa0001 wa0014 wa0015 wa0020 wa0022 wa0023 wa0025 wa0028 wadi khaled walking walking tractor wall war war and conflict warm warrap. food production wash washing water water pump water pumps water reservoir water supply water system waterpost wbeg we want to be able to go home. since its inception in august 2017 weather wedding weddings weelchair weigh machine welding well west afghanisatn west afghanistan westbank westbank palestine wfp wheel wheel chair wheelbarrow wheelbarrows wheelchair white board who widow widower winerisation winter winter assistance winterisation winterization wishes 2016 with outreach to thaton woman woman boy women women's day womeninconflict womensday wood work workers working works workshop world world refugee day june 20 would wounds wrd writing xidhxidherigavosanagsomaliland xidhxidhgacidherigavosanagsomaliland yard yazidi yemem yemen yemen idp houth saada yemen. yep yezidi young youth youth photo essay jordan youth staff youth successfully graduate from yep on 29 november 2017 youth training centre youth yep za'atari za'atari refugee camp zaatari zaatari nrc jordan males teacher tailoring zaatari refugee camp zangiabad ziti zolote zolote 3 village zolote 4 zolote town zolote village état autoproclamé